Incredible Lodi Wineries

Lodi was recently nominated for Best Wine Region by Wine Spectator. Find out why Lodi is such a great wine region by visiting yourself. It’s time to discover the incredible Lodi wineries and the fabulous wines being produced in this region Located in a rural area east of San Francisco by the Sacramento River Delta, Lodi is characterized by its warm dry summer days, cool breezy nights, and sandy soils.

These conditions make this section of the California Wine regions a prime grape growing area. 18% of California’s wine grapes come from this region. This is more than Napa and Sonoma combined.

There are more than 75 wineries in the Lodi Wine Country and many wineries outside of the area purchase grapes from this region as well. You will find a diverse group of wineries in Lodi and many superb wines. Some Lodi wineries are small family owned wineries while others are much larger.

While wine tasting in this area, you may notice the abundance of Old Vine Zinfandel. Lodi is fortunate to have many old Zinfandel vineyards, which are at least 50 years old. Old vines have fewer and smaller grapes that produce more intense flavors, color, and sugar. The wines are full bodied and more complex than younger vines.

Most Lodi wineries now charge for wine tasting, but will usually reimburse the tasting fee if you purchase a bottle. The Lodi Wine Country is right here in our own backyard, so we might be biased. However, we do agree that this region is one of the best. There are many fun wineries located near each other but the laid-back rural atmosphere, fabulous wines, and reasonable prices combine to make this a “must visit” region!